Author:Luca Delucchi

las2tindex create a OGR vector file containg the tile index of several LAS/LAZ files.

If libLAS Python library is installed the script use it otherwise it launch and parse lasinfo command to obtain the bounding box of each LAS/LAZ file


Windows users can install GDAL binaries using friendly installer from OSGeo4W package.


$ las2tindex -h
Usage: las2tindex OPTIONS lasfiles
Options are:
    -h print this message
    -o [--output]   output file
    -f [--format]   OGR format for output file
    -e [--epsg]     EPSG code of input and output file


Write tile index file in ESRI Shapefile format of all your LAS files into folder

$ las2tindex -o points.shp *.las

Write tile index file in KML format of three LAZ files

$ las2tindex -o points.kml -f KML first.laz second.laz third.laz