Installing libLAS using OSGeo4W


Howard Butler

Contact at gmail dot com



This document describes how to install libLAS and its related utilities using OSGeo4W. OSGeo4W is a collection of Windows packages that uses the Cygwin installer to manage package dependencies. libLAS in its fully-featured form requires a number of dependencies, and these are all available via the OSGeo4W installer.

  1. Obtain the OSGeo4W Installer. It is an executable that will run and automatically download and install selected packages.


    OSGeo4W does not currently provide any options to install in any other locations besides C:\OSGeo4W64.

  1. Choose “Advanced Install”.


    libLAS is not part of any default package grouping, and it must be installed individually.

Choosing the "Advanced" OSGeo4W install
  1. Select liblas from the “Commandline_Utilities” dropdown

Selecting libLAS to install from the "Advanced" list tree
  1. Optional: Select liblas-python from the “Libs” dropdown

  2. Run the OSGeo4W Shell from Start-Programs-OSGeo4W

  3. Execute the liblas command to set environment variables necessary to support full libLAS operations.


    libLAS needs a number of environment variables set to do its business, most notably the ones related to GDAL and Proj.4 for reprojection and coordinate system description.

Running the libLAS subshell from OSGeo4W
  1. Test lasinfo with your own data

Running lasinfo