libLAS API Reference  1.8.1
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NliblasNamespace grouping all elements of libLAS public interface
 CBoundsFilterA filter for keeping or rejecting points that fall within a specified bounds
 CClassificationClass definition to manipulate properties of point record classification
 CClassificationFilterA filter for keeping or rejecting a list of classification ids
 CColorRGB color container
 CColorFilterA filter for color ranges
 CContinuousValueFilterA templated class that allows you to create complex filters using functions that are callable from the liblas::Point class
 CDefaultHeaderSingleton used for all empty points upon construction
 CDimensionDimension definition
 CErrorDefinition of error notification used on the level of C API
 CFilterIDefines public interface to LAS filter implementation
 CHeaderDefinition of public header block
 Cinvalid_point_dataException reporting invalid point data
 CPointPoint data record composed with X, Y, Z coordinates and attributes
 CReaderDefines public interface to LAS reader implementation
 Creader_iteratorInput iterator associated with liblas::LASReader
 CReturnFilterA filter for keeping or rejecting a list of return ids
 CSchemaSchema definition
 CSpatialReferenceSpatial Reference System container for libLAS
 CSummaryA summarization utililty for LAS points
 CThinFilterA filter simple decimation
 CTransformIDefines public interface to LAS transform implementation
 CVariableRecordRepresentation of variable-length record data
 CWriterDefines public interface to LAS writer implementation
 Cwriter_iteratorOutput iterator associated with liblas::LASWriter