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liblas::ColorFilter Class Reference

A filter for color ranges. More...

#include <filter.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ColorFilter (liblas::Color const &low, liblas::Color const &high)
 ColorFilter (liblas::Color::value_type low_red, liblas::Color::value_type high_red, liblas::Color::value_type low_blue, liblas::Color::value_type high_blue, liblas::Color::value_type low_green, liblas::Color::value_type high_green)
bool filter (const Point &point)
 Function called by liblas::Reader::ReadNextPoint to apply the (list) of filter to the point. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from liblas::FilterI
void SetType (FilterType t)
 Sets whether the filter is one that keeps data that matches construction criteria or rejects them. More...
FilterType GetType () const
 Gets the type of filter. More...
virtual ~FilterI ()
 FilterI (FilterType t)
 Base constructor. Initializes the FilterType. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from liblas::FilterI
enum  FilterType { eExclusion = 0, eInclusion = 1 }
 Determines whether or not the filter keeps or rejects points that meet filtering criteria. More...

Detailed Description

A filter for color ranges.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

liblas::ColorFilter::ColorFilter ( liblas::Color const &  low,
liblas::Color const &  high 
liblas::ColorFilter::ColorFilter ( liblas::Color::value_type  low_red,
liblas::Color::value_type  high_red,
liblas::Color::value_type  low_blue,
liblas::Color::value_type  high_blue,
liblas::Color::value_type  low_green,
liblas::Color::value_type  high_green 

Member Function Documentation

bool liblas::ColorFilter::filter ( const Point point)

Function called by liblas::Reader::ReadNextPoint to apply the (list) of filter to the point.

If the function returns true, the point passes the filter and is kept.

Implements liblas::FilterI.

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