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liblas::Schema Class Reference

Schema definition. More...

#include <schema.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Schema (PointFormatName data_format_id)
 Schema (std::vector< VariableRecord > const &vlrs)
Schemaoperator= (Schema const &rhs)
bool operator== (const Schema &other) const
bool operator!= (const Schema &other) const
 Schema (Schema const &other)
 ~Schema ()
std::size_t GetByteSize () const
 Fetch byte size. More...
std::size_t GetBitSize () const
void CalculateSizes ()
std::size_t GetBaseByteSize () const
 Get the base size (only accounting for Time, Color, etc ) More...
PointFormatName GetDataFormatId () const
void SetDataFormatId (PointFormatName const &value)
void AddDimension (Dimension const &dim)
boost::optional< Dimension const & > GetDimension (std::string const &n) const
boost::optional< Dimension const & > GetDimension (index_by_index::size_type t) const
void RemoveDimension (Dimension const &dim)
void SetDimension (Dimension const &dim)
std::vector< std::string > GetDimensionNames () const
IndexMap const & GetDimensions () const
liblas::property_tree::ptree GetPTree () const
uint16_t GetSchemaVersion () const
void SetSchemaVersion (uint16_t v)
bool IsCustom () const
VariableRecord GetVLR () const

Protected Attributes

PointFormatName m_data_format_id
uint32_t m_nextpos
std::size_t m_bit_size
std::size_t m_base_bit_size
uint16_t m_schemaversion

Detailed Description

Schema definition.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

liblas::Schema::Schema ( PointFormatName  data_format_id)
liblas::Schema::Schema ( std::vector< VariableRecord > const &  vlrs)
liblas::Schema::Schema ( Schema const &  other)
liblas::Schema::~Schema ( )

Member Function Documentation

void liblas::Schema::AddDimension ( Dimension const &  dim)
void liblas::Schema::CalculateSizes ( )
std::size_t liblas::Schema::GetBaseByteSize ( ) const

Get the base size (only accounting for Time, Color, etc )

std::size_t liblas::Schema::GetBitSize ( ) const
std::size_t liblas::Schema::GetByteSize ( ) const

Fetch byte size.

PointFormatName liblas::Schema::GetDataFormatId ( ) const
boost::optional< Dimension const& > liblas::Schema::GetDimension ( std::string const &  n) const
boost::optional< Dimension const& > liblas::Schema::GetDimension ( index_by_index::size_type  t) const
std::vector<std::string> liblas::Schema::GetDimensionNames ( ) const
IndexMap const& liblas::Schema::GetDimensions ( ) const
liblas::property_tree::ptree liblas::Schema::GetPTree ( ) const
uint16_t liblas::Schema::GetSchemaVersion ( ) const
VariableRecord liblas::Schema::GetVLR ( ) const
bool liblas::Schema::IsCustom ( ) const
bool liblas::Schema::operator!= ( const Schema other) const
Schema& liblas::Schema::operator= ( Schema const &  rhs)
bool liblas::Schema::operator== ( const Schema other) const
void liblas::Schema::RemoveDimension ( Dimension const &  dim)
void liblas::Schema::SetDataFormatId ( PointFormatName const &  value)
void liblas::Schema::SetDimension ( Dimension const &  dim)
void liblas::Schema::SetSchemaVersion ( uint16_t  v)

Member Data Documentation

std::size_t liblas::Schema::m_base_bit_size
std::size_t liblas::Schema::m_bit_size
PointFormatName liblas::Schema::m_data_format_id
uint32_t liblas::Schema::m_nextpos
uint16_t liblas::Schema::m_schemaversion

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